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just got home from seeing the movie tonight! australian cinemas did an early showing. :) for once... ahaha.

i was really happy with most of the changes they made, in fact. but i'm always the person who thinks changes from books to movies are super necessary.

spoilers are in white so highlight if you want. i'm not a fan of people spoiling movies for me, so i'll try and keep them vague.
  • most importantly: i reaaaally loved what they did with ethan. he was hands down the best character of the whole film. john was uh-mazing, of course.
  • claire and marcus were squashed into moderately annoying one-dimensional characters, but i have to give them credit: they had some great comedic moments. and *SPOILERS* claire crying to rachel about ethan... was a bit of a curve-ball (i didn't think she liked him that much?) buttttt i still liked it. they always get me with the touching moments.
  • this was the second big change i liked most: there was a lot more comedy. it just made so much easier to enjoy when all the melodrama was softened with humour. again, major props to john k. :)
  • colin is so damn good-looking. unfffffff. i had a soft spot for his soft, trying-to-please-everyone dex. even if i wanted to slap him too.
  • the cameo by emily (i think it was emily) reading the sequel on the park bench was cute. distracting though.
  • also distracting: when *SPOILER* ethan is holding up a sign for rachel at the airport, someone next to him is holding a sign for L. Greenfield. there were probably other names with crew members, idk cbf reading them all.
  • i don't as much remember how it played out in the book, but i do like the development of rachel's character. i think it was pretty obvious dex didn't get the same treatment and came across as a major coward the entire film/book, so they added his mum to try and justify it. but i still didn't feel it. wimpy men aren't attractive at all, okayyyy?
majorly spoilery: proceed with caution cause i ain't gonna white-out everything.
  • sooo, ethan falling for rachel. i guess i knew it was coming. but like... i didn't want it to! i can't ship them because i love my otps too much. and ethan > dex. which sucks because dex was meant to be > everyone. :\
  • also, lastly, the final scene for rachel and darcy was so annoying because it couldn't decide if it was gonna patch things up or leave it at nothing. i don't even know. that is why we ditch the "oh 2 months later they met walking past on the street and they keep turning back and--" shut up. no.
wow, i'm picky.

overall: i really did enjoy it (despite all the things i nitpicked). it wasn't spectacular, but we expected that. the audience seemed to love it too. clearly, doing a promotional early showing thing was a good idea for these cinemas. it was packed and they made us pay 2x the money for tickets and gave us promotional bags with like half a dozen crappy items, ugh.
whatever. i maintain that it was worth the money. mum and i definitely enjoyed a girls night out. :D (mum liked it btw)
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